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Arthritis Panel

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Arthritis Panel

Tube type

Full SST tube , Full EDTA ( Lavendar)

Test Includes

Sed Rate, Uric Acid

Order code


Available stat?



Preferred sample

Serum & Whole Blood

Minimum volume

4.0 mL

Special handling/ Processing

Centrifuge within >30 minutes and <120 minutes of collection

Sample stability

See individual analytes


Regular courier service, room temp

Test frequency


Causes for rejection

Improper tube; QNS; exceeded stability; gross hemolysis

Reference range

See individual analytes

Possible critical values


CPT Code

84550, 85651, 86038, 86140, 86431


See individual analytes


Sed Rate 4537-7 URIC ACID 3084-1 C-REACTIVE PROTEIN 1988-8 RHEUMATOID FACTOR 11572-5 ANA Screen 29950-3

Additional Information

Inside Information

Other acceptable sample type: Red top tube



Full SST tube , Full EDTA ( Lavendar)

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