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QuantiFERON Gold Plus

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QuantiFERON Gold Plus

Tube type

Four tubes in QuantiFERON Gold Plus Kit

Test Includes

TB ( Tuberculorsis)

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Preferred sample

QuantiFERON Gold Plus Kit

Minimum volume

1.0 ML

Special handling/ Processing

Blood collection tubes should be at room temperature at the time of collection. Special specimen collection kit contains four gel-barrier tubes. All four tubes are required for a single test result. Each tube is designed to draw only 1 mL and fill time may be longer than other blood collection tubes. Because of the limited vacuum in these tubes, use a needle and holder (not a butterfly) to collect QuantiFERON® specimens. If a butterfly is required, first collect other required tubes or use another Vacutainer® tube to purge the butterfly line of air and then proceed with drawing the QuantiFERON tubes. Fill tubes to the black fill line on the tube. If tubes are underfilled or overfilled (see kit insert), immediately collect a replacement tube. Following proper fill, label the tubes appropriately and shake tubes 10 times firmly enough to ensure the entire surface of the tube is coated with blood cells to solubilize the antigen on the tube walls. After shaking, the volume may fall below the fill line. Do not centrifuge or refrigerate specimens.

Sample stability

16 hours at RT


Regular courier service, room temp

Test frequency

Twice / Week

Causes for rejection

QNS; exceeded stability; improper tube, hemolysis, Lypemic, Centrifuge, Refregerated, Frozen

Reference range


Possible critical values


CPT Code






Additional Information

Inside Information



Four tubes in QuantiFERON Gold Plus Kit

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